Start improving your short game today, it’s so simple. All you have to do is click on the Short Game Centre to see Stuart (a short game specialist coach) give lots of FREE help!



I would like to give you the opportunity to receive offers and discounted lessons via email. Its so simple and FREE, all you have to do is go to my contact page and sign up for the newsletter  and you will start receiving offers straight away. Do it now whilst its on your mind.

Stuart has 20 years coaching experience and uses every last part of that experience in making sure that he delivers a good and beneficial lesson to you each and every time.  Seeing the improvement in your game is what drives him on into researching new techniques and ideas to help aid your game even more.

His philosophy is to build your game around your strengths giving you the best chance of reaching your potential in golf.  He is able to build you a swing that suits your stature allowing you to hit your shots with maximum power whilst remaining consistent.  The short game is an area of most peoples game that really could do Stuart’s help, here he can teach you a whole new concept which will transform any short game into a match winning one.

Stuart has designed two golf aids which are currently being sold in the USA and Canada and due to be sold also in Japan and Europe from 2013. The Putt Easy is being sold under the brand name Odyssey and the Connect Easy strap is branded Callaway, both of these aids make improving your game easier.


Heavenly Hybrid is a full set of hybrid irons that Stuart has designed from start to finish and are available in both men’s and ladies right hand only. Through extensive testing Stuart was able to design a set of clubs that hit the ball 9% longer than traditional irons and dramatically improved the short game.

For more information on these products please visit the shop.

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