SG Swing Link – The ULTIMATE golf swing strap

This swing strap golf aid is simply awesome, and here’s why……

No other strap in golf has the ability to help every part of your game from the full swing to pitching, bunkers, chipping and even putting! that’s until now. The SG Swing Link has been designed to not only KEEP you connected, but to give you immediate feed back when your arms do become disconnected from your body.

Your arms should and need to work with your body for every shot in golf. If you lose that connection then these things could happen – Inconsistency, lack of power, wayward shots, duffed shots, and so on, the list is endless.

If you want to see a huge improvement in your swing and game, then all you need to do is to purchase your very own SG Swing Link, and start practicing with it. The improvement will be immediate in both technique, consistency and scores.

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