Short Game Coach & Advanced PGA Professional- Stuart Smith

Short Game Coach & Advanced PGA Professional- Stuart Smith

Without question this is the magical part of golf, and not the game destroyer that most golfers see the short game as. Nothing better than splashing out a bunker shot with spin to stop the ball right next to the hole, or hitting a delicate chip over a bunker and rolling up to the hole, and YES this and much more is achievable by you!


By gaining more knowledge, as knowledge is what lets golfers down. To have a good short game it just takes you to understand things like – 

The lie and what type of shot is achievable

What can go wrong

What is the correct set up and technique for each shot

Likely outcome

And much more 

Understand the above and you will have a fantastic short game, guaranteed!

So why am I different to other coaches?

I have never had a short game lesson, everything I teach is how I taught myself and my short game allowed me to play in a 72 hole tournament, hit only 25 greens in regulation and finish level par for the tournament! that is how confident I was around the greens. 

And over the years I developed a coaching method to pass my knowledge of the short game over to my students, which I believe will be like a light switch going on in your head, enabling you to surpass your expectations. 

The four areas I coach are – Putting, Chipping, Bunkers and Pitching.

I will teach you the full understanding of –

What the shot is

What you are trying to achieve 

What can go wrong (vital)

Correct set up

Correct technique

Correct equipment

I can run sessions on an individual basis or group sessions, and please go to the events page to see what’s on and where.

For any questions please call me on 07766 733560 or email

I look forward to improving your short game soon.


Islantilla – October 2019

Islantilla – October 2019

Ryder Cup style format

This trip is definitely for those of you of that like to have a competitive edge to a trip mixed with tuition.

This trip will have tuition laid on for those of you that wish to take advantage of it in the mornings, and then the Ryder Cup style game will be in the afternoons.

On the evening of the day that we arrive, we will make the draw in front of the group to see which team you will be on, with a maximum of only 12 golfers per team. Each evening both teams will announce the playing order to see who is playing against who, and on which course. During the week there will be one practice round, followed by four rounds of Ryder Cup style pairs matches over 18 holes and one singles game over 9 holes, which will determine the winners. The format for the games will be – Four ball better ball, foursomes, four ball better ball, foursomes, singles and each match will be worth 1 point.

Tuition – There will be time each day to have your any part of your game checked and tweaked and a full days advanced short game tuition in the middle of the week.

Day 1

9.00 am Warm up on range
10.00am Play 18 holes practice (3 tee start)
3.00pm-4.00/4.30pm Swing check/fix

Day 2

9.00am Warm up on range/ swing check
10.00am 18 holes FBBB (3 tee start)
3.00pm-4.00/4.30pm Swing check/fix

Day 3

9.00am Warm up on range/ swing check
10.00am 18 holes foursomes (3 tee start)
3.00pm-4.00/4.30pm Swing check/fix

Day 4

Non playing day
9.30am Pitching, controlling the ball flight
11.15am Coffee break
12.00pm Bunkers, awkward lies
1.00pm Lunch break
2.00pm Chipping, controlling the spin

Day 5

9.00am Warm up on range/ swing check
10.00am 18 holes FBBB (3 tee start)
3.00pm-4.00/4.30pm Swing check/fix

Day 6

8.30am Warm up on range/ swing check
9.30am 18 holes foursomes (3 tee start)
2.30pm 9 holes singles (3 tee start)

Elba Palace 5* – Fuerteventura 2019

Elba Palace 5* – Fuerteventura 2019

This is an ideal location for the time of year with temperatures of around 23 degrees, making this perfect for golf just as it was in February 2018.
For this trip I have priced up staying at the Elba Palace 5* as the course is on site and is only one of three, 5* hotels on the island.
This week will be all about how to – Shoot Lower Scores, and for that to happen you will be working on the key areas in your game, which are – Alignment, Driving and 80-50 yards and in, improve these and your scores WILL improve.
All tuition will commence before play and you will be split into two groups of 12. One group having the lesson 9-10am and the other group 10-11am.
Saturday 2nd – Fly out to Fuerteventura and if arrive in time play 9 holes.
Sunday 3rd – ALIGNMENT – I am going to make you work in pairs so that you can check each other constantly (and whilst playing), to make sure you are aimed correctly. I am going to give you a routine that IF, you stick to, then you will see an improvement in all your shots when playing.
Tee Off 18 holes from 11.04am – Texas Scramble which will allow you all to have your alignment check whilst out playing.
Monday 4th – Driving – Going to work on improving your impact position for this club which will help with distance and accuracy, can’t win a game from the trees!and extra distance is always welcomed.
Tee Off 18 holes from 12.10pm – Social game.
Tuesday 5th – Pitching – Here you will learn the correct set up and very simple technique that is required to make this part of your game stronger and a game changer.
Tee Off 18 holes from 11.04am – Greensomes, men partnering men and ladies with ladies. Again this will allow you to check each other’s ALIGNMENT.
Wednesday 6th – Chipping – A quick check on set up before going in landing zones. What they are, where they need to be, how much run you get etc. An understanding of landing zones will transform your chipping, giving you much more success from around the green.
Tee Off 18 holes from 11.30am – Social game.
Thursday 7th – Chipping – You will learn what the 7 Steps To Heavenly Chipping are, and in turn then be able to decide which is the correct way to play every chip. The ability to make a correct shot assessment is vital in playing a successful shot.
Tee Off 18 holes from 12.10apm – Texas Scramble, again another chance to have your alignment checked.
Friday 8th – Putting – We will focus and achieving a pure roll on the ball each time you strike a putt and pace control. Pace control is way more important than line when putting.
Tee Off 18 holes from 11.04am – Social game.
Saturday 9th – Flying home
Fuerteventura Golf Club is the first 18 hole golf course in Fuerteventura, Canaries, venue in which the Spain Open tournament was held in 2004.
It is one of the most outstanding in the fortunate islands, designed by the renowned Juan Catarineu.
This unique complex offers an exceptional practice area, driving range with more than 50 positions, 800 m2 green putting, green approach, bunker and Pro Shop store.
Here are the links for hotel and course
A £150 deposit per person is required to confirm your place, and there are ONLY 24 golfer spots available.
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