Short Game Coach & Advanced PGA Professional- Stuart Smith

Without question this is the magical part of golf, and not the game destroyer that most golfers see the short game as. Nothing better than splashing out a bunker shot with spin to stop the ball right next to the hole, or hitting a delicate chip over a bunker and rolling up to the hole, and YES this and much more is achievable by you!


By gaining more knowledge, as knowledge is what lets golfers down. To have a good short game it just takes you to understand things like – 

The lie and what type of shot is achievable

What can go wrong

What is the correct set up and technique for each shot

Likely outcome

And much more 

Understand the above and you will have a fantastic short game, guaranteed!

So why am I different to other coaches?

I have never had a short game lesson, everything I teach is how I taught myself and my short game allowed me to play in a 72 hole tournament, hit only 25 greens in regulation and finish level par for the tournament! that is how confident I was around the greens. 

And over the years I developed a coaching method to pass my knowledge of the short game over to my students, which I believe will be like a light switch going on in your head, enabling you to surpass your expectations. 

The four areas I coach are – Putting, Chipping, Bunkers and Pitching.

I will teach you the full understanding of –

What the shot is

What you are trying to achieve 

What can go wrong (vital)

Correct set up

Correct technique

Correct equipment

I can run sessions on an individual basis or group sessions, and please go to the events page to see what’s on and where.

For any questions please call me on 07766 733560 or email

I look forward to improving your short game soon.


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