Short Game Master Class Week’s

Now you have the perfect chance to transform your short game into a winning one, simply  attend one of my Short Game Master Class Week’s, and see your understanding and technique go to another level. Watch this video and see exactly what you will be working on, and yes, it will all come that easy to you by the end of the week.

Each day will be limited to ONLY 12 golfers, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Hotels very near by are – Premier Inn, Travelodge, The Bell Hotel



This is your chance to see a huge difference in your short game, and by that, I mean your understanding, technique and results. The only way to really see your scores improve is by improving your short game as this is the place to pick up shots on the rest of the field.

Cost is £40 per day or £160 for the week with a maximum of only 12 golfers each day!!

To watch what I will be covering, click this link –

Otherwise, all the info is as follows with me covering –

Chipping – Here you will learn and grasp the flail technique which will then transform your ability to strike the ball correctly when chipping. You will learn how to set up and strike the ball differently to make the ball react very differently from extra run, to a high lob shot. You will cover landing zones by the way of where to pick them and practice hitting them, and then you will end by learning the 7 step routine, that’s needed to give you every chance of a successful chip each the time.

Bunkers – Set up is sooooo misunderstood that most golfers have very little chance of playing this relatively easy shot successfully, and this is where you will start. Then you will master the correct technique out of the bunker before amazing yourself when playing actual bunker shots.  I will also cover how to control spin, in the way of back spin and release spin.

Putting – You will be focusing on striking the ball correctly to give you the best possible roll on the ball, followed by training your stroke to hit putts of 3 or 4 feet straight. Once that is achieved you will learn how to improve your reading of the greens before putting it all together.

Pitching – Yes you will learn how to achieve back spin on the ball, but you will also hit hundreds of balls on the range first of all, so be warned!! Once I am happy with your strike, and angle of attack I will move you from the range onto the short game area where you will start with 10-20 yard pitch shots before moving back to 50 yards and then further back to your maximum pitching distance.

Alignment – This is the route of all evil!! And by this, I mean that it’s your poor alignment that causes all your swing faults, well certainly 90% of them. If you improve your alignment, you will inadvertently improve your swing. Here you will start on the range where you will hit shots from a good alignment position (which WILL feel strange) before you learn a great routine. Next you will learn routines to make sure you aim is good for both short game and putting before taking it out onto the course.

The week’s dates are as follows


Monday 23rd – Chipping

Tuesday 24th – Chipping

Wednesday 25th – Bunkers & Putting

Thursday 26th – Pitching

Friday 27th – Alignment



Monday 21st – Chipping

Tuesday 22nd – Chipping

Wednesday 23rd – Bunkers & Putting

Thursday 24th – Pitching

Friday 25th – Alignment


Monday 18th – Chipping

Tuesday 19th – Chipping

Wednesday 20th – Bunkers & Putting

Thursday 21st – Pitching

Friday 22nd – Alignment


I have already starting to take bookings so please let me know ASAP if you would like to attend.

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