High intense Short Game Week

On this week you can learn, practice and perfect……….

Flail – the chipping technique of all the short game masters, such as Seve and Mickleson. Once you have flail trained into your chipping technique, you will never face an impossible chip again.
Learn how to chip with 4 different Spins – Soft landing, standard, check and running. You will learn how to make a chip stop immediately and then run on and on with ease.
Back Spin – oh yes, learn how to start spinning your wedge shots and see that ball spin back towards you.

And in the middle of all this a Charity Pro-Am for Breast Cancer and Brad

Day 1 -Monday 7th August £25

9am – 4pm

On the first day you will start by understanding exactly what a chip is from flight, to roll, to technique etc and without this knowledge you will fail to reach your potential, and your potential is way better than where you are now.
Then you will start learning the Flail technique through various drill exercises. Once I am happy with your techniques I will move you one by one onto the landing zone ladder. This will teach you the all important ability to land the ball where you need when chipping. Without question this is the most important of the three days, as without achieving the correct technique you will fail to play the different chips to the best of your potential.

Day 2 – Tuesday 8th August £25

9am – 4pm

You will begin the day with having your technique checked and some landing zone ladder practice before moving on with learning the 4 different spins that you can chip a ball with. These are – a standard chip, a soft landing chip (less roll) and running chip and a chip which checks. To finish the day we will all walk around a green and talk about what technique is best from different lies etc.

Day 3 – Pro-Am 9th August £60

Day 4 – Thursday 10th August £25

Back spin! Yes you will learn how to pitch a ball with back spin as every golfer has the ability to achieve this, you just need the right ingredients. To begin your learning of the technique you will be required to hit plenty of shots out on the practice area without hitting to a green. Once I am happy with your technique, strike and divot, I will move you over to a green for stage two. Once I am happy with stage two, you can pitch onto our greens and watch your ball spin and stop.

As you can see the day prices are extremely cheap and this is to encourage lots of you to attend so that you can help me raise money for Brad (my assistant who has just been diagnosed with Bone Cancer at the age of 22) and Breast Cancer. Let me know asap which days you would like to attend, and remember that you will see a huge improvement in your chipping and pitching by attending these days.

Wednesday 9th August 2017
Thetford Golf Club






This is going to be a Pro-Am with a difference and a day to remember

Everyone (including professionals) will play from the RED(PINK) tees and ladies will receive 25% of their handicap in extra shots.

Prizes will be awarded for the best fancy dressed team (optional)

Team prizes as well as professional score

Raffle and bets on the day will be extra

Anyone wishing to play please contact Stuart