Course management Day – THESE WILL RESUME SPRING 2019

See your scores come down in one day!

The idea of these days is not to change your whole game but to simply make what you have more effective – shoot lower scores. You all have the ability to play lower than what your handicap is without changing too much in your game – how? By how you play the game, by how you think, picking the correct shot etc, and this is what these days are all about. You probably lose anywhere between 2-15 shots per round by poor course management!! Not after attending one of these days, as better course management will directly improve your scores.

The days itinerary will be as follows

8.30am – 5 Hole assessment – On these first five hols of the day I will be analysing everything about your game from where you aim, to club/shot choice, to how well you recover from a poor shot and how effective your short game is.

9.45am – Coffee break where I will go through individually what you need to work on.

10.15am – You will now spend some time working on your long game and routine, as improving this will see you hit great shots more often and will even improve your bad ones.

11.45am – 5 Holes – This time you will be putting your shot choice and routine to the test, where you would expect to see an improvement in the amount of good shots you hit, but more importantly, less wayward poor ones.

1.00pm – Lunch break

2.00pm – Short game – You will be working on your skills to select the best shot for the situation you find yourself in, from – where to land the ball, what club to use and you will also work on improving your strike for these game saving shots.

3.00pm – 5 Holes – The last 5 holes where you will start to put it all together and start to see your game improving and the all important scores coming down.

These days will be for groups of four. If you can get four of you together, then book in for a day that suits you or book in on one of the selected dates and we will make you up into fours.

This is a great day for everyone to attend and I’m only going to charge the cost of a one hour lesson as I want everyone to benefit from these days – £45pp.

These can be organised for any day of the week, (inc weekends) just let me know and I will arrange a day with you or look below for organised dates.

Thursday 12th July
Monday 16th July
Wednesday 18th July
Thursday 19th July
Friday 20th July

Thursday 26th July

Friday 27th July


Be quick as I will only take four people each day.

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