The Performance Academy

A partnership between a highly motivated and specialised PGA Golf Coach, and one of the countries leading Sports Business consultancy firms have created The Performance Academy to give maximum support and opportunity to future stars of the game.

We are not looking to inherit an existing star (but will of course welcome any such person to our team), but we are intent in creating the best structured Academy to help create more stars of the game.

This structure has taken us three years of continue work to get absolutely right, making sure that we can offer potential future stars of the game all the support they need. We are looking to offer full support in the form of coaching, sponsorship, equipment, clothing, mental strength, media training and management.

To be a part of The Performance Academy is by invite only, but we do welcome any information on potential candidates from anywhere in the U.K. as we are more than happy to travel around the country to find potential candidates.

So what makes a potential candidate? Contrary to what you might think we are not simply looking at the best at each age, as we will make every Academy member better. What we are looking for is 100% commitment from you, with the ability to listen and learn from all the advice that we offer and the potential (in our eyes) to make one of the worlds top players in future years

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