Stuart is now part of the Golf News team helping golfers to transform the short game of those who attend one of the Short Game Master Class sessions. Golfers will be able to attend one & two day courses in the UK as well as one week trips abroad.

These sessions will cover –

Putting – A good routine is vital for putting and this is something which is worked on along with technique and reading greens.

Chipping – This is where you will learn shots that you never thought you could hit, and fully understand how to hit them. You will also learn vital things like how to assess the shot correctly, what your energy value in each club when chipping and so much more.

Bunkers – I would say that this shot is the one that golfers seem to over complicate. Fully understanding the set up alone will transform your bunker play and then the fun begins with learning different types of sand shots.

Pitching – What is a pitch? understanding this correctly is vital, then you will learn how to pitch the ball, high, low and with……. BACK SPIN!!

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